About Us

Re-smile® was developed by a mom with a passion for making others smile.  It is a simple fact that a handmade card is a simple way to remind others know how much you care.  Just think back to the last time you received a handmade card in the mail and how quickly your day brightened when you found something made with love on top of the bills and junk mail. 

At re-smile, we believe that every handmade, photo, or art card is a piece of art and should be shared with others.  We make it not only simple, but we make it trendy to re-send your cards.  Click here to read more about how it works.

I guarantee that you will love this new concept and that your cards will live on in the smiles of many!  If you are unsatisfied with the standard re-smile® products for any reason, simply mail them back with a note of explanation and your order invoice within 10 days and I will refund your money.


Remember...smiles are contagious!

Heather Sewczak