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You make gorgeous cards and your customers love you, so now it’s time to share your talent in a bigger way. Use your creativity and relationship skills to help small businesses grow via referrals, while increasing your bottom line!.
Like you, many insurance agents, realtors, financial planners, dentists, and other small businesses rely heavily on repeat business and client referrals. And, like you, most of these businesses mail personal thank yous and other cards to keep in touch and let their customers know they are appreciated. The difference is: you know how to keep in touch with warmth and style.

As Stampin' Up! demonstrators, we can help businesses find a more personal approach with handmade cards, and even take it a step further with re-smile by allowing these cards to turn into a warm referral piece. After all, doesn’t every business owner want that personal, "I use and like this company" referral from someone known for a discriminating taste and generous spirit? Of course!

With re-smile, you can customize sticky pads with a business's contact info and logo to make their cards re-usable, which enables the recipient (the business's client) to re-send the card to a friend. Sharing a card makes the client feel good and helps the business by getting their name and contact info out to new potential clients, in a friendly way. The re-smile stickies can feature the business logo, tagline, and contact info – all professionally designed.

Because these businesses rely on referrals, and because every successful referral results in significant revenue, these types of businesses are willing to spend more per touch to keep their current clients and get new referrals. I've discovered that this untapped market really pays well for your time— through both the design and creation of the cards, and also a commission on the referral-generating pads from re-smile!  If you’ve thought about expanding to market your skills to other small businesses, here are the steps for building a successful business doing just that.

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What a wonderful idea. I can't wait to receive this and use them on my cards
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