How It Works

Re-smile® stickies are individually packaged Post-It® sticky pads, each sheet printed with simple instructions along the bottom so your recipient can quickly and easily re-send the love.



You can transform your cards into environmentally-friendly re-usable cards using only four items:


Follow these simple steps to gift and re-gift your cards.  (Note: Cards sized to 4-1/4" x 5-1/2" work best.)  Remember to mail your card facing out so your recipient will see your beautiful work of art immediately! 



We suggest that you use a clear envelope (available at craft stores) for mailing your card, because you can easily slide a standard A2 paper envelope (also available at craft or office supply stores) inside with your card.  This way your recipient can quickly and easily send the card on the next lucky recipient.  You can fold additional envelopes to include with your card to extend its' life, or simply use the card as an enclosure card and hand-deliver when the envelopes are gone. No matter what, your card is sure to be cherished by every recipient!


Note: Please check with your post office; additional postage may be required for clear envelopes




All standard re-smile® inserts have the following explanation to help your recipient know exactly what to do to spread the love.!®

remove the top sheet and re-send the love!

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