Personalized re-smile® 50 sheet Sticky Pads

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Personalized re-smile Sticky Pads are individually packaged Post-It pads with 50 sheets each, each sheet printed with simple instructions and your contact information along the bottom so your recipient can quickly and easily re-send the love, sharing your name with their friends and family.  You decide how many sheets you want inside each card (we recommend 3-5), stick them inside of your card, then write your message on the top sheet.  Your recipient will peel off that top sheet with and write a note on the next blank sheet to re-gift the card.  When the last sheet is used, you can refill the card or use it as an enclosure card. 


Each re-smile pad is printed in the U.S. on a minimum of 30% recycled paper.  The portrait size pads are approximately 5-1/4" tall by 4" wide; landscape pads are approximately 4" tall x 5-1/4" wide.  Minimum order on personalized pads is 50 pads, and they must be exactly the same, including the size and layout.  Because of this, we recommend 100 pads, which gives you 50 pads of both landscape and portrait.  If you are selecting between the two sizes, we recommend 50 portrait because when used inside the landscape size card, the adhesive is along the left edge with your contact information on the right - where it catches the eye immediately.



Please understand that personalized orders may be delayed, as we have certain minimum order requirements.  Please contact us for estimated shipping dates.


Bottom Explanation & Personalization

Along the bottom of every Re-Smile Sticky is a simple explanation so your recipients can share the love.  The top two lines have the standard explanation and the bottom line is personalized.  60 characters is the recommended max; more than that may extend into the art or require that the font size be decreased.  The bottom line will be purple with an email or website in green, matching the other art.  Additional charges apply for non-standard personalization, including color changes ($10), more than one line of text ($10) or text in any location other than the bottom line ($20).!®
remove the top sheet and re-send the love!

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