Relay for Life Booster Kit - re-smile for Relay Fundraiser Kit

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Re-smile for Relay will help your Relay fundraising messages "go viral" in an unplugged, and meaningful way.  In its' simplest form, re-smile is a custom sticky pad designed to make any greeting card re-usable.  The concept is simple: by adding a few sheets inside each card, you enable - and encourage - a card to be customized and re-mailed multiple times.  The first sender writes a message on the first sheet.  The recipient becomes the second sender by peeling off the first sheet and writing a note on the next blank sheet, and so on.


This kit contains 10 re-smile for Relay invitation pads and 10 re-smile for Relay blank logo pads, perfect to get 10 teams started down the path to increased fundraising! 



The re-smile for Relay Fundraiser pad makes it easy to boost your fundraising.  All you do is stick a few sheets inside your card, fill in the blanks with your fundraiser details and online fundraiser page, sign the top sheet, and mail to everyone you know!  Your recipients will peel off that top sheet so they have a reminder to keep handy (on their fridge or calendar), then they'll sign the next sheet and send the invitation to a friend who may want to attend your fundraiser or make a donation!



The blank re-smile for Relay pad is easy to use for any card, and especially perfect for handwritten donation requests and thank yous.  All you have to do is stick a few sheets inside your card, write your message on the top sheet, and then drop your card in the mail!  By including a blank envelope with your card, you make it easy for them to share with their friends, helping to raise awareness and also encouraging donations.  You can even highlight the words along the bottom to remind them to share your card with a friend.  All they have to do is peel off that top sheet with your message to write their own message on the next blank sheet. 



These re-smile sheets are individually packaged Post-It pads with 50 sheets, each sheet printed with simple instructions along the bottom so your recipient can quickly and easily re-send the love.  Each re-smile pad is printed in the U.S. on a minimum of 30% recycled paper.  These portrait size pads are approximately 5-1/4" tall by 4" wide, sized perfectly to fit inside a standard card that is one half sheet of paper folded in half, or 5-1/2" tall by 4-1/4" wide.

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